Volvo V90 Cross Country!

17.2 kmpl to 17.2 kmpl
Fuel Types
1969 cc to 1969 cc
Automatic - AT


D5 Inscription
1969 cc, Automatic - AT, Diesel


Back in 1997, Volvo wanted to develop a ‘multipurpose vehicle’ which did not look like a van. It experimented with the V70 station wagon, increased the height of the vehicle with some chunkier suspension, upgraded it to 4-wheel drive, installed some sporty plastic clad bumpers and voila! It started the generation of Cross Country vehicles, the nomenclature XC(X-Cross and C-Country) was first used in V70 Cross Country. Now, after twenty long years, Volvo has again decided to give the original V90 a facelift and turn it into V90 Cross Country. There is good news for the automobiles lovers in India; this upgrade also made it to the Indian market by the middle of 2017.


V90 from Volvo is a wagon-style version of the S90 sedan which won two prestigious awards in 2017- NDTV Design of the Year and the much acclaimed Premium Car of the Year. The V90 cross country has a more beefed up and toughened design with the presence of mild bumper cladding, plastic skirts at the sides, and plastic wheel arch extensions. The tail lamps of the crossover are identical to the standard V90. Volvo has also lifted the ground clearance by a striking 60 millimetres with the help of raised chunkier suspensions and making it a whopping 210 millimetres. Externally the car has a sleek profile with a sloping rear windscreen.


The moment you step inside the V90 Cross Country you can feel it’s similarity with S90. There are two interior colour trims- dark wood and black leather and lighter unpolished wood version complimenting a brown leather interior. The car has a massive 9-inch super responsive touchscreen for navigation and entertainment replacing almost all physical buttons. Apple Carplay, premium 1400 watt Bowers and Wilkins audio system, radar-guided cruise control, 4-zone climate control AC, and large panoramic sunroof are some other stylish features of this automobile. The front seats come with an innovative massage feature with three modes of different speed and intensity. The cabin is extremely comfortable and spacious; the boot space is of 560 Litres which you can increase up to 1526 Litres by folding the seats.


V90 Cross Country has the D5 engine which can produce a maximum power of 232 bhp@5700 rpm and a torque of 480 Nm@2200-5400 rpm. The 2L Diesel engine gets powered 8-speed automatic transmission gear so that you can attain a maximum speed of 230 Kmph. The engine is smooth and quite refined in the lower revs, after 4000 rpm it becomes quite a noise, and the rider can rarely exceed 4900 rpm. You can enjoy four driving modes in this SUV- Eco, Comfort, Dynamic, and Off-road. The vehicle has all-wheel-drive which can help you off-roading it whenever necessary. The fuel tank has 60 litres capacity, and the mileage is about 16.6 Kmpl.

Pros and Cons

There are several advantages in owning the V90 Cross Country

• The SUV has a robust built and powerful engine which can zoom through the highways. • The ground clearance is excellent, and the suspension is also firm to tackle rough roads. • The all-wheel-drive makes the SUV competent for off-roading. • The cabin is very comfortable and stylish. The 9-inch infotainment system with Bowers and Wilkins audio system transform you to an opera house inside the vehicle. • The safety features are incredible with radar-guided cruise control, Front Collision Mitigation Support, and Hill climbing and decent assistance.

There are few things which you may not like as well in V90 CC.

• At higher speed the engine becomes a bit noisy; when the SUV reaches 4900rpm the drive no longer remains comfortable. • The starting price range of INR 76.34 lakh and the maintenance cost is a bit too much for India. • The fuel efficiency of V90 CC is not excellent. There are better competitors at this specification and price range. Finally, we can say if you love luxury cross-over vehicles then V90 Cross Country is definitely worth exploring. The superb engine and designer interiors would transform your drive to a pleasurable experience.