Tata Motors Sumo Gold!

14.4 kmpl to 15.3 kmpl
Fuel Types
2956 cc to 2956 cc


2956 cc, Manual, Diesel
2956 cc, Manual, Diesel
2956 cc, Manual, Diesel
2956 cc, Manual, Diesel


Want to witness how an old warrior looks in new armour? Look at Tata Sumo Gold. This powerful SUV that has become synonymous with off the road riding in the Indian market has become better, faster, stronger, and trendier with the new facelift.


Tata Sumo Gold encompasses all the addition that was put in the iconic Tata Sumo variants for over a decade since it was first launched in the Indian market. While the new model retains the basic boxy look of the earlier model, several tweaks make it stand out on its own. One such change is the thick chrome slat at the top of the engine grill with the lettering gold engraved over it. At the site, you will find exciting looking graphics that improve its look immensely. Other than these two, the Tata Sumo Gold looks identical to the earlier model. If you are looking for the suave look of the premium SUV in this car, then you will be sorely disappointed. At the end of the day, this car is a rough and tough looking SUV that is ideal for all-terrain passenger transport.


If you buy the base model of Tata Sumo Gold, then you will find that it lacks several basic features that make riding in a car comfortable. It does not come equipped with air conditioning or power windows. However, if you want, you can add on these to make your next journey in this SUV more easy and comfortable. Although this car is not wide, it does allow 7 to 9 passengers to drive comfortably over Indian road condition without feeling squeezed.


The Tata Sumo Gold is a powerful SUV that is blessed with a very powerful 3 L CR 4 diesel engine that has a displacement capacity of 2956 cc. This powerful motor is attached with a five-speed manual gearbox. This combination can generate a power of 84 bhp and a torque of 250 Nm. This powerful engine is very capable of taking this big size car over any challenging terrain without any issue. While driving this car you will not feel any issue relating to lack of power, but when you take a sharp turn, thanks to the height of this car, you may face some problems. The suspension system of this car is also very rudimentary and you will feel some shocks of bumpy roads in the passenger cabin. All in all, this is a very economical mode of transport with a few basic features that are perfect for the Indian road condition.

Price and Competition

Tata Sumo Gold is an entry-level SUV with a tough look and very few comfort features. If you are looking for a big car with a reasonable price, then this will do just nicely for you. The price range of this SUV range is from Rs. 7.5 lakh to Rs. 8.93 lakh (approximate). Tata Sumo Gold competes with the Mahindra Bolero and Mahindra NuvoSports.