Tata Motors Nano!

36 kmpl to 36 kmpl
Fuel Types
624 cc to 624 cc


624 cc, Manual, Petrol


When the name of TATA Nano was introduced for the first time, it was considered a revolutionary concept of providing the cheapest city car for the middle class Indian as well as people in any country. While the car has achieved several milestones, it has not quite caught on the imagination of people due to several factors. Although this car is excellent for city driving, it still has few scopes for improvement to become a truly amazing city car.


TATA Nano was conceptualized as a car that will help those who own a two-wheeler to migrate to a more affordable four-wheel personal transport option. While there is no radical change in the external design of this car, you will find that there are certain subtle tweaks that make the new TATA Nano look trendier. One such feature is a thin chrome strip at the front and the back. The company has decided to stick with those features found in its earlier model that gave this car its own unique look. This includes a sweptback headlamp cluster, body color bumper, and its unique looking roofline. At the side, you will find a curvy looking character line that gently slopes upward towards the top of the rear wheel arch.


Entering Tata Nano is quite easy as there is ample space, which is quite surprising considering its lower dimensions. Sitting behind the wheel, you will not face any issues in relation to leg or headspace. However, the steering wheel seems to be a bit low, and if you are more than 6 feet tall, you will feel it slightly brushes against your legs. While the car is a bit narrow, it has ample space for at least four able-bodied people. The air-conditioner is quite efficient and the overall passenger cabin looks a bit thanks to the big windows.


The Tata Nano is blessed with a 624 cc petrol engine that is attached with a four-speed manual gearbox. It can produce a maximum power of 33 bhp resulting in a hammering torque of 45 Nm. While the power produced by the engine looks small, you need to look at the power to weight ratio of this car to appreciate its fantastic driving capability. Driving this car in the city street is very easy, thanks to its smaller size and a very small turning ratio that allows you to get out of any tight corners. The maximum speed of this car is 105 Kmph, which is adequate for city traffics, but you will find it challenging to drive this car open highway. This car is a treat to drive and you will not find any lack of power either at the lower or higher rpm. However, while taking sharp corners at high speed on this car looks a bit dicey.

Price and Competition

TATA Nano is a city car that is made especially for those people who are on a tight budget and are looking for a small affordable hatchback for their inter-city ride. If you find this car, interesting, then the price range of this cute looking hatchback is Rs. 2.96 lakh (approximate). Two of the alternatives of this compact hatchback are the upgraded TATA Nano Gen X model or Datsun Redi Go.