Tata Motors Nano GenX!

21.9 kmpl to 23.6 kmpl
Fuel Types
624 cc to 624 cc
Manual, Automatic - AMT


624 cc, Manual, Petrol
624 cc, Manual, Petrol
624 cc, Manual, Petrol
624 cc, Automatic - AMT, Petrol
624 cc, Automatic - AMT, Petrol


In India, there is a fierce competition for space on the road due to huge traffic. In such a challenging situation, you will need a small compact car that can not only zip you through the tight traffic situations but will also take a very small parking space. To cater to this growing demand for a small compact car, TATA has launched its most affordable city car with an automatic gearbox option. The new avatar of Nano, aptly called Tata Nano Gen X is a small hatchback that is made to perform in the super crazy Indian traffic situations.


TATA has breathed a new life into its Nano model by launching the Gen X Avatar of this car. This is the cheapest hatchback in the market that gives you so much in terms of comfort and easy handling capabilities. Although this car cannot be termed as a great looker, it has a unique personality of its own that makes it stand out in the crowd. Although this car has been given the name of Gen X, you will not see any revolutionary design change from its earlier looks. It has the same boxy look with big sweptback headlamp clusters, and a new engine grille that gives it is a smiley face. One of the biggest change that you will find in the Nano Gen X is that you can now open the back door to access the boot space which is absent in the TATA Nano.


While the dimensions of the passenger cabin remain the same, there are a few tweaks and additions in the new model that makes it so much better. When you sit behind the wheel, you will find that the steering wheel is more compact and the gearshift has a nice finish and it is placed up so that you can reach it quite easily. Other features remain the same as we find in the Nano model.


When you buy the new Tata Nano Gen X, you will get the same engine that you find in the earlier model of Nano. However, TATA has stated that the 624 cc petrol engine that propels this car is more efficient compared to the Nano model. It can produce a maximum power of 37 bhp resulting in a hammering torque of 51 Nm. The most important aspect of this car is that it is available in both manuals as well as an automatic five-speed gearbox. Driving this car in heavy traffic is superb, thanks to its size and automatic gearbox option. When driving this car, you will find that the sports mode is more intuitive compared to the normal automatic gear mode. Furthermore, you will see that the change in gear is a bit stiff when the engine is at either low rpm or high rpm. You have to find a spot in the middle that will allow you to change the gears effortlessly.

Price and Competition

TATA Nano Gen X is the most affordable city car in the market and you can buy it at a price range of Rs. 2.47 lakh (approximate) for the base model and Rs. 3.43 lakhs (approximate) for the top end model. The earlier TATA Nano model or the Datsun Redi Go are the alternatives that you can also check out if you are looking for some more options in the same segment.