PORSCHE Cayenne!

0 kmpl to 13.88 kmpl
Fuel Types
Petrol, Diesel
2967 cc to 4134 cc
Automatic - AT, Automatic - AMT


2995 cc, Automatic - AT, Petrol
S Diesel
4134 cc, Automatic - AT, Diesel
Platinum Edition Diesel
2967 cc, Automatic - AT, Diesel
3604 cc, Automatic - AT, Petrol
S Petrol
3598 cc, Automatic - AT, Petrol
2967 cc, Automatic - AT, Diesel
Platinum Edition
3598 cc, Automatic - AT, Petrol
3996 cc, Automatic - AMT, Petrol


The Porsche Cayenne is Porsche's big bully. It's the biggest size SUV that Porsche has to offer. The Cayenne is Porsche's answer to what an overall comfortable, sporty and luxurious SUV is capable to do. It has the amalgamation of G wagon off-roading capability along with Bentayga's luxury and X5's uber city driving. Porsche may not have changed much of the aesthetics of the third generation Cayenne's but the sheer dominance the SUV has in terms of engineering achievements in rolling out Porsche's finest. Porsche had outdone itself in making a performance-oriented SUV. It's quick on its feet and offers everything that one would expect from a supreme SUV.


The third generation Cayenne shares an uncanny resemblance to its predecessor. So much so that even a keen eye would take a couple of glances to differentiate the two. Porsche is known to rely on previous generations design and work on the mantra of ‘it ain't broke then why fix'. However, with time and arising competition, Porsche is betting high with the traditional familiar looking design of the Cayenne. The third generation Cayenne looks a bit edgier and stockier than it's a predecessor. The rear sees some major design alterations with new slimmer LED tail lamps with a slim LED light band connecting the two. The front gets a revised bumper with larger, rectangular air intakes which will gulp the air when on high speed. The top trims also reserves ‘four-talon' light signature PDLS Plus Matrix LED headlamps. These headlamps help make the design look more agile and aggressive and will also be the trading design for the upcoming Porsche's in the near future.


The interior of the Cayenne is similar to that go any other Porsche. However, to keep in check with the current generation, Porsche has introduced a 12.3-inch touchscreen at the centre which can get paired with Apple CarPlay. Beneath the touchscreen, lies the capacitive touch controls for the car's ambient temperature/seat massaging toggles which sits in a piano black finish. The addition of capacitive touch does make the cabin a bit tidy when compared to it's confusing layout in the predecessor. However, with the mammoth touch surface, one does get often distracted to toggle during rides and also leaves tonnes of a fingerprint while doing so. The cockpit remains unchanged with traditional 5 dials displaying various driving stats. The two dials on the farthest end on each side are digital which can be configured to own will. The rear of the Cayenne is well cushioned and rear occupants won't have many issues even on the long run over broken patches throughout. The quality of material used is probably one of the best offered irrespective to any industrial standards and other manufacturers can easily set Cayenne's trim quality as a benchmark to score.


Powering the Cayenne is a 3,996 cc, direct injection, Bi-turbo V8 which produces 550 bhp of power and 770 Nm of torque and comes coupled with eight-speed torque converter automatic transmission.

Price and Competition

Starting at Rs. 1.92 crores (ex-showroom, Delhi), one might find this steep. Especially considering that optional necessary customisations will skyrocket the price furthermore. However, none of its arch rivals like Range Rover SVR or Mercedes G Wagon has the all-around capability to offer like Cayenne.