10 kmpl to 10 kmpl
Fuel Types
3799 cc to 3799 cc
Automatic - AMT


3799 cc, Automatic - AMT, Petrol


If you have the money to spare and are a big fan of fast cars, then Nissan GT-R is the perfect car for you. Nissan, the Japanese Company has a wide range of cars to offer in the market. It ranges from the entry-level hatchback to the top end marquee model called Nissan GT-R. This beautiful car is not one for your daily commute but is for those special occasions where you want to let your hair down and enjoy the scintillating speed on the open highways.


Nissan GT-R is one of the topmost supercars that are available in the market. This car falls in the marquee range and competes against the likes of Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Porsche. It is a head turner, thanks to its dreamy looks and a super sleek profile. The company is selling this car with the tagline of ‘supercars slayer’. And when you look at it, you will realise that it is true in more ways than one. The engine grill of this car has the famed V-motion grill of Nissan and you will find pronounced lines on the hood of the car that gives it a dynamic look. The aggressive chin spoiler included in its front bumper gives you a hint of the power that this beauty hides beneath her hood. Overall, this car gives a look of a lean and mean machine that is ready to take on any kind of competition you throw at it on the road.


The Nissan GT-R can be termed as a high-end sports car, which gives you the comfort of a luxury sedan. Its furnishing is top notch, and the company has used very high quality materials to build this car. Its plush interior has dual stitched high-quality leather cover all around (dashboard, the seat covers and even on the door sides). The sleek carbon fibre treatment at the transmission tunnel improves its upmarket look even further. Additionally, Nissan has provided a fantastic touch-sensitive infotainment screen that will allow you to not only control your music system but also various functions of the car (GPS, fuel reading, oil pressure, boost and many more). All these features make the interior of the car look more like an aeroplane cockpit than that of a sports car.


This supercar is primarily built for speed. And to achieve this, the engineers have used an aerodynamic design and a very powerful engine that takes high octane fuel (you can get this fuel in big cities only). This car is equipped with a 3.8 L twin turbo beast of a petrol engine, which is intelligently attached to a six-speed automatic transmission box. This arrangement allows the mill to generate a maximum power of 570 PS, which results in an amazing 637 Nm of torque. Driving this car is an experience, which is hard to describe. The massive power you get by a soft touch on the pedal is purely exhilarating. We did not feel any problem of throwing this car at tight corners at good speeds. While the car looks and feels fantastic, you can only ride it on good quality roads with very little bumps due to its low ground clearance. Other than this one issue, this car is a dream comes true for every auto enthusiast.

Price and Competition

This car is for the superrich who are looking for a high-powered luxury car that acts like a sports car on the road. The on road price of this car in India is Rs. 2.12 crore (Approximate). The main rivals of this car on the road are Audi R8, Jaguar F Type, Porsche 911 and Ford Mustang.