Mercedes-Benz SLC!

10.7 kmpl to 10.7 kmpl
Fuel Types
2996 cc to 2996 cc
Automatic - AT


43 AMG
2996 cc, Automatic - AT, Petrol


Mercedes Benz has a huge portfolio of amazing cars in the market. In this article, we will talk about a great looking convertible from its stable called the Mercedes-Benz SLC. This model evolved from the SLK model. So, what has the company achieved by changing the name? It seems that Mercedes-Benz has perfected the art of repackaging their older models (which changes in engine and a few design tweaks) and then re-launches them as a completely new model. Therefore, the earlier ML model became GLE and the GL model became GLS.


In India, Mercedes-Benz has introduced the SLC model under the name of AMG 43, which denotes this car as the sportier version of the SLC model. So, the new change in the SLC model includes an extensive nose job (the engine grill comes with a diamond effect along with a sportier looking headlamp cluster and a meatier looking bumper). Other than that, the rest of the car design looks almost identical to the erstwhile SLK model, which had a great design, to begin with. The foldable roof, a low-slung site profile, and a sportier rear profile of this car make it one of the most beautiful models that you can see on the road.


The interior of this car carries on with the sportier outside look with a trendy looking dashboard that comes with a lot of chrome encrusted knobs and a big infotainment screen, integrated into it. The bucket-shaped seats are fantastic to ride in and come with red colour stitching that contrasts extremely well with the overall interior colour tone. This twin seater roadster allows the riders a superb driving experience with great suspension and amazing comfort and safety features.


The Mercedes-Benz SLC, which is sold as the AMG 43 is not a full-fledged AMG, but gives you an amazing experience, thanks to its twin turbo 3 L V6 engine that gives a fantastic performance. The maximum power that this efficient motor can churn out is 367 HP @5500-6000 rpm, which results in a hammering torque of 520 Nm @2000-4200 rpm. The 9G Tronic auto transmission box of this sporty car allows you to have a superb driving experience. When you start the engine, you will hear a low growl, which informs you the huge power that is straining to break free at a push of the pedal. This engine with twin turbo gives you more torque, which not only improves its performance immensely but also gives out the same kind of growl that you will find in the full-blown AMG model. This car can reach 0 to 100 mph in just 5.1 seconds without any huge exertion on the engine, thanks to the twin turbo.

Price and competition

The price of this beautiful-looking roadster is in the range of these, Rs. 82.85 lakhs to Rs. 87.84. Lakhs (approximate). If you want to compare it with its nearest rivals, then we suggest that you look at the Ford Mustang and Jaguar F type models.