Mercedes-Benz S-Class!

7.08 kmpl to 13.5 kmpl
Fuel Types
Diesel, Petrol
2987 cc to 3982 cc
Automatic - AT


S 350D
2987 cc, Automatic - AT, Diesel
S 450
2996 cc, Automatic - AT, Petrol
Maybach S 560
3982 cc, Automatic - AT, Petrol


Mercedes-Benz is synonymous with luxury and the marquee model of this brand is the beautiful S Class. This car not only has a great design that makes it a head turner on the road, but also superior riding qualities that will encourage you to take the wheel of this car and drive it yourself rather than being chauffeured around sitting in the backseat. The big body, classy interiors and an abundance of comfort features make this car a dream to ride on.


If you are given the choice of using only one word to describe this car, then most of you will choose the word elegance. It’s low swept profile, the sloping roof, which extends gently towards the rear, the beautiful looking chrome encrusted engine grill and the space age looking headlamp cluster gives it a unique identity of its own. When you look at the side profile of this long-bodied car, it feels as if it would not end. Now turn your gaze to the rear, and you will find the crystal looking taillight cluster, twin exhausts that are connected by a chrome bar, which will certainly impress you. Additionally, there is a chrome slat running across the boot lid and has the logo of Mercedes stamped in chrome.


The first thing that you’ll observe when you try to enter the passenger cabin of Mercedes-Benz S Class is that the doors come with a soft close feature, which allows the door to close gently by itself, and you don’t have to bang it shut. Moreover, this is not the end of it, for the doors of this car, itself has numerous buttons that will allow you to lock the car but also adjust the seat, the heating option and also control the windows. The seats of this car are of superior design and have adequate leg space, which allows you to stretch your legs. Additionally, you will get an efficient climate controller, an ashtray, cup and bottle holders, charging points and a big infotainment screen at the front that will allow you to control various functions of this car easily.


If you are planning to buy this beauty, then you can choose a trim with either the 2987 cc diesel motor or the refined 2996cc petrol engine. Both these engines are attached with a sophisticated seven-speed automatic transmission box. Driving this car is a dream as the engines are so quiet that you will not hear an iota of noise seep into the passenger cabin. This car also comes with numerous sensors that continuously scan the road ahead, and alert you in time about any approaching vehicle so that you can take corrective measures.

Price and competition

If you are looking for a super luxury sedan that will enhance your social position immensely, besides allowing you to have a great riding experience, then we suggest you choose the Mercedes-Benz S Class. The price range of this car is from Rs. 1.33 crores to Rs. 2.55 crores (approximate). The major competitors of this car in the market are Maserati Quattroporte and Audi 8L.