Mercedes-Benz G-Class!

17.2 kmpl to 17.2 kmpl
Fuel Types
3998 cc to 3998 cc
Automatic - AT


3998 cc, Automatic - AT, Petrol


There is a lot of interest among people with deep pockets to get an expensive off-road vehicle that can give them a premium experience, even when they are travelling over some unpaved dirt roads. The Land Rover models dominate this premium off-roader segment, but Mercedes also has a very strong contender that can give its major rival a run for their money. This car is called the Mercedes-Benz G class.


The Mercedes-Benz G class has a boxy look that has not changed a great deal since it was introduced. However, with every evolving trim, you can see that the designers have used many design tweaks to give it a trendier look. The front profile of this car looks muscular with its beautifully designed engine grill and a thick bumper that has several chrome embellishments, which gives this tough boy a refined look. The headlamp cluster is round in shape that brings an old-fashioned classic touch to the overall design of this car. It also features angles in its design, which not only accentuates the overall refined look of this car but also reinforces its off-road tough image that the company wants to project. The side and the back profile of this car are also great to look at and give this car a muscular road presence, which only a few other models can compete.


The passenger cabin of this car is truly marvellous with great leg and headroom; you will not feel constrained for space when you drive in this majestic -looking car. The seats of this car are superbly designed with good cushioning and superior backrest. This helps you a great deal when you are travelling over rough patches. The dashboard in front is a mix of old and new, with chrome dials competing for space with a big size infotainment screen placed in the middle. The beautiful furnishing and leather upholstery improve the upmarket look of this car immensely. This car gives you the opportunity to indulge in your Passion of off-road driving without compromising on the comfort factor.


This top of the end of the road car is available with two different engines. One of them is a 5461 cc petrol model that can churn out a huge power of 544 PS, the other trim is blessed with a 3982 cc motor that can generate a maximum power of 585 HP. Both of these are all-wheel drive and feature a seven-speed automatic gearbox. The riding experience in this car is just superb. The huge power that is at your command along with a fantastic suspension system helps you to drive over the unpaved road without feeling any bumps. This car is engineered for power along with comfort and when you ride it, you will find that the engineers have done a great job in providing these two in abundance.

Price and competition

If you are interested in this car, then you can buy it at a price range of Rs. 2.19 crores to Rs. 2.44 crores (approximate). The major competitors of this car in the market are BMW X 6, Toyota land cruiser and Porsche Macan.