Mercedes-Benz CLA!

15.04 kmpl to 17.9 kmpl
Fuel Types
Petrol, Diesel
1991 cc to 2143 cc
Automatic - AT


200 Urban Sport
1991 cc, Automatic - AT, Petrol
1991 cc, Automatic - AT, Petrol
200 CDI Style
2143 cc, Automatic - AT, Diesel
200 D Urban Sport
2143 cc, Automatic - AT, Diesel
200 CDI Sport
2143 cc, Automatic - AT, Diesel
45 Aero Edition
1991 cc, Automatic - AT, Petrol
200 Petrol Sport
1991 cc, Automatic - AT, Petrol


Mercedes-Benz is one of the premium brands in the automobile sector that has a wide range of models for different requirements. One such model is the Mercedes-Benz CLA Class, which is an entry-level luxury sedan that incorporates some amazing features (comfort, riding ability, and safety) that makes it such a hit among the auto enthusiasts all over the world. While it is designated as an entry-level luxury sedan, the finesse in its design and plush interiors allows it to compete with cars of higher price segment.


We received this car for a test drive so that we can look at the various features and how well it performs on the road. So, let’s start with its external look first. This is a beautiful looking car has a streamlined body with a gently sloping roof. It has a big engine bonnet and a small boot, which gives an impression of this car charging towards the future. The front profile of this car looks great with alloy black mesh engine grill that contrasts beautifully with the thick chrome slat in the middle. The rear profile of this car is also stunning with a curvy boot lid that fits perfectly with a wraparound LED tail lamp cluster. To improve its upmarket look even further, it is blessed with two chrome-plated exhaust pipes that are connected with a thin strip of chrome. The overall look of this car is refined and has an elegance, which will make heads turn when you drive this car on the road.


When you step inside the car, you will find that it is quite spacious, with enough legroom for all the riders. The dashboard of this car seems to be inspired from the Mercedes-Benz A-Class model with sporty looking dials, sweeping looks and chrome inserts. While the overall look and feel of this car are amazing we were disappointed by the headspace available for the rear passengers. While the sloping roofline looks amazing from the outside, it creates a problem for those who sit in the rear seats. If the rider is tall, then he will feel constrained for headspace, thanks to the sloping roofline of this car. Other than this one minor irritant, we find this car very plush and comfortable to ride.


If you like this car, then you can buy either the petrol or the diesel trim. While the petrol trim is equipped with a 2 L turbocharged mill that can produce a peak level power of 181 bhp, the diesel trim, on the other hand, is blessed with a 2.1 L bottle that can churn out a maximum power of 134 bhp. Both these trends are attached with a seven-speed automatic gearbox, which is very smooth to use and gives you a constant rate of power at different ranges.

Price and Competition

This beautiful, entry-level sedan is available at a price range of Rs. 31.72 lakhs to Rs. 77.69 lakhs (approximate). The major competitors of this car in the market are Volvo S 60, Audi A3 and Audi A8L.