Mercedes-Benz C-Class!


Mercedes Benz brings the much awaited good news for lovers of this car brand – the revamped C Class beast has now been attuned to the requirements of the mid-life status. Thus, on the very first look at this car, the completely new interface and finesse of the ultra- modern powertrain will never miss the attention. The cosmetic up-gradations in this revamped version is an attention grabber.


The C Class comes with all new looking front grille, bumpers, headlight and taillights. Thus, now you will get diamond radiator grille, larger and sporty bumpers and brighter headlights with high performance LED fixtures. The taillights are also C shaped now. This time the makers have given two options for the allow wheels in the form of 16 inches and 18 inches variants. The exterior colour options are Polar White, Cavansite Blue, Designo Hyancith Red, Mojave Silver, Obsidian Black and Selenite grey.


This C Class has the glam and glow of the interiors that were present in its previous version. Nonetheless, you are sure to find a few new additions in the interiors too that gives a heavenly feeling of comfort and luxuriousness in the interiors of this new C Class. To be precise on this, you will get the same feather touch power steering in this version too with the exception that it has been mounted on a dashboard made out of different material. Car infotainment has become more magnified in this new version to include the option of smartphone integration along with the previous fixtures. You will also find a bigger screen at the centre with an even more functional ambience light too.


C Class is available only in diesel-powered engine and automatic transmission. The engine in this variant of Mercedes Benz is just the same that you will get in E Class. The engine of Mercedes Benz C Class offers average transmission of 1950 cc across its variants. However, you will get two options of this 2.0-liter four-stroke turbo diesel engine in the form of C220d and C300d. Likewise, you will get two options for power output and torque too in the form of 241 bhp @ 4200 rpm and 92 bhp @ 3800 rpm. One more update you will get in this revamped C Class is that now it comes with 9G-Tronic transmission instead of &G-Tronic transmission present in its previous species.

Price & Competition

This new C Class gives a tough fight to its close competitors as far as its efficiency and comfort are concerned. Now let’s break the ice and note down its competitors in the form of premium vehicles like Audi A4, BMW 3 Series, BMW 3 Series GT and Jaguar XE. However, if you wish to find a competitor of C Class from the Benz house only then Mercedes Benz CLA and Mercedes Benz E-Class are the ones. The starting price of this mid-life premium road beast is around Rs. 40 lakhs approximately ex-showroom at present. On the other hand, the C Class premium model is available at approximately Rs. 48.5 lakhs ex-showroom.