Mercedes-Benz B-Class!

14.8 kmpl to 15 kmpl
Fuel Types
Petrol, Diesel
1595 cc to 2143 cc
Automatic - AT


B 180 Night Edition
1595 cc, Automatic - AT, Petrol
B 200 Night Edition
2143 cc, Automatic - AT, Diesel
B 180 Sport
1595 cc, Automatic - AT, Petrol
B 200 Sport CDI
2143 cc, Automatic - AT, Diesel


Let’s just start by saying that you are expecting a thrilling and sporty on-wheel experience, the Mercedes Benz B Class is not for you. This is more or less an everyday vehicle that is perfectly suitable for everyday activities and has become a sensation with posh urban dwellers that wish to maintain substantial harmony between style and safety. With its very recent upgrade, the engine has shown significant improvement which certainly makes it a better and more powerful version than its ancestor. The Mercedes Benz B Class is currently available in 4 variants in India - B 180 Sport (petrol), B 200 Sports CDI (diesel), B 180 Night Edition (petrol) and B 200 Night Edition (Diesel)


If you have experienced premium luxury vehicles before, be prepped with the fact that the interiors of the Mercedes Benz B Class will certainly not sweep you straight off your feet. It more or less, lives up to the standard expectations of any basic models of premium vehicles with neat interiors, the standard blend of technology along with a smooth seamless finish. However, the upgraded B class sports a handful of updated features that include leather-wrapped steering, improved dashboard with the airbrushed aluminium finish and a larger screen. Besides this, you can also experience additional features like folding tables in the rear, electrically adjustable front seats, ambient lighting and more. As far as space is concerned, Mercedes Benz B Class offers front legroom of 347mm, rear legroom of 350 mm, front headroom of 1047mm and rear headroom of 985mm. this makes the vehicle comfortably spacious for taller passengers as well.


The Mercedes Benz B Class is designed with a bold and strictly no-nonsense look. Comparing it with its previous model, the upgraded B Class can be differentiated with its new bumper, all LED headlamps, fake accents on the rear bumper, a chrome strip on the boot and a new grille… and that’s just about it. As far as dimensions are concerned, the vehicle is 4393mm long, 2010mm wide and 1557mm high with a ground clearance (unladen) of 134mm. this makes it more or less ok for otherwise unpredictable Indian roads. On the flip side... the upgraded version of the Mercedes Benz B Class is about 34mm longer than its ancestor, but this does not improve leg space or luggage space in any way. The new 16” alloy wheels have also been criticized for being very ordinary and incompatible with a vehicle that sports the uber-luxury logo.


As far as the gearbox is concerned, the Mercedes Benz B Class comes with a 7 speed automatic FWD gearbox. The engine capacity ranges from 1525cc to 2143cc between petrol to diesel versions. The vehicle offers an average mileage of 19.7kmph and reaches a maximum torque of 300Nm at 1600 to 3000rpm. The upgraded B Class can reach a top speed of 210kmphm which is good enough for a premium yet everyday utility vehicle.

Price and Competition

The price of Mercedes Benz B Class starts from Rs. 29.64 lakhs and goes up to Rs. 33.03 lakhs depending upon the variants and the optional features chosen by prospective owners. It currently compares with Ford Endeavor, Honda CR-V and Toyota Fortuner in terms of features and cost relevance.