Mercedes-Benz AMG GT!

7.8 kmpl to 7.8 kmpl
Fuel Types
3982 cc to 3982 cc
Automatic - AT


3982 cc, Automatic - AT, Petrol
3982 cc, Automatic - AT, Petrol
3982 cc, Automatic - AT, Petrol


Mercedes Benz AMG GT is for all those in the lookout for the plushest releases from Mercedes Benz. The remarkable feature of this eye- catching road species is that it was developed at Nordschleife or Green Hell as it is popularly called. This variant launched by Mercedes Benz is equipped with all the lucrative features that a sports car should have in a true sense. Thus, while on one hand you will have flowed over its buttery smooth driving experience, on the other hand, the killer looks of this beast will be a head turner for you. Equally mind- boggling are its grilles, headlamp placements and overall exteriors.


The exteriors of this beast lure attention with their ten bold external colours like Magnetite Black, Iridium Silver, Brilliant Blue, Selenite Grey and Designo Selenite Grey to name some. This new gen sports car comes with some of the fattest types you have ever come across. In precise, while the front tyre is of 275-sections, the rear tyres are of 325-section. The prominent and noticeably wide bumpers at the front and the rear side would never bypass attention. It seems that the modified suspension is just in tune with the cosmopolitan looks of this chaste and streamlined sports car from Mercedes Benz. The areas at the front which gets activated over 80kmph in Race mode and the huge rear wings are simply head turners.


It is quite difficult to spot a car that gives such precisions while turning through corners that is comparable with Mercedes Benz AMG GT. The highly sensible power steering is amazing because it responds to slightest of turns. Similarly sensitive are its fluid gears and brakes that are equally responsive to touch. You will find dual clutch 7 -speed transmission across its variants, even though the premium Mercedes Benz AMG GT R is especially fine -tuned to give high- class track performance. Even though no one expects much internal storage in a sports car, but this stylish sports car with smooth handling features has boot space capacity that ranges from 285 litres to 407 litres.


Mercedes Benz launches AMT GT in petrol variant only with automatic transmission and 3982 cc engine displacement across its variants. However, while AMT GT S gives 510bhp power @6250rpm torque, AMT GT Roadster gives power of 476bhp @ 6000rpm torque. The premium version AMT GT R generates power of 585 bhp @ 6250rpm torque. The gearbox of Mercedes Benz AMG GT bears sharp similarities with that of Ford GT. Thus, the car boasts of astounding SPEEDSHIFT transmission.

Price & Competition

As Mercedes Benz has launched three variants of AMT GT, so you will get three price ranges. While the base model AMT GT S comes at 2.16 Crores, AMT GT Roadster has been priced at Rs. 2.27 Crores. On the other hand, the premium model AMT GT R has a price tag of 2.31 Crores. As far as looks, price and functionality are concerned, Mercedes Benz AMT GT competes well with Jaguar F Type, Audi R8, Lamborghini Huracan, BMW i8, Nissan GTR, Audi RS7 and Sportback