Mahindra Alturas G4!

0 kmpl to 0 kmpl
Fuel Types
2157 cc to 2157 cc
Automatic - AMT


2157 cc, Automatic - AMT, Diesel
2157 cc, Automatic - AMT, Diesel


If you are looking for a great looking SUV with a fantastic performance on the road, then instead of looking at the American or European models why not try out the new SUV unveiled by the Mahindra. This powerful looking mid segment SUV not only allows you to travel over rough terrains without any problem, but it also ensures that you do so with complete comfort. This car is known as the Mahindra Alturas. Mahindra has introduced a large number of safety and comfort features in this car to ensure that the riders have a safe and comfortable journey in it.


The designers at Mahindra have used curves in a great way to give this car a stylish appeal. The engine grill of this car is very wide and looks a bit elevated that improves the street presence of this car immensely. The engine grill is superbly crafted with chrome slats that add-on to its beauty even further. Coming to the side of the car, it looks nice without any elements jutting out to spoil the view. The bulging wheel arches that cover big alloy wheels look very powerful and adds on to the determined look of this car. The sloping windshield at the back helps to give this car an elongated profile. Overall, it has a very clean design with great thrust given to present a refined look for this car.


The passenger cabin of this car looks very premium and the designers have put in a lot of effort to ensure that the riding experience of the passengers is as comfortable as possible. Therefore, when you open the front door to enter sit in the driver’s seats, you will find that the seat slides back to give you the space to enter comfortably. Once you sit in the seat, you will find that all the dials and switches that allow you to take complete control of the car are within your easy reach. To improve the look of the dashboard, the designers have used leather, brushed aluminium, and wood to design it. Right at the centre of the dashboard, there is a big 8-inch touchscreen that can be synced with Apple CarPlay and the Android Auto. The seats of this car are very comfortable and are covered with Nappa leather. If you are sitting in the driver seat then you get 8-way adjustment option including manual tilt and telescopic adjustment for the steering wheel, so that you get in the best position to drive this car comfortably.


This car is blessed with a 2.2 litres engine mated with a 7-speed automatic gearbox that works like a charm. Driving this car is a delightful experience as you will find that that the car performs really well both at high and low revs. Additionally, the soundproofing is excellent and you will not hear any sound from the outside.

Price and Competition

The price of this mid-range SUV is in the range of Rs. 26.95 lakhs and Rs. 29.95 lakhs (approximate). The major competitors of this car in the market are; Renault Captur and TATA Nexon

Pros & Cons

• Big size • Fantastic furnishings • Smooth ride quality

• Small leg space on the rear seat • Audio System is average • At higher speed the car was bouncy