Honda Accord!

23.1 kmpl to 23.1 kmpl
Fuel Types
1993 cc to 1993 cc
Automatic - CVT


1993 cc, Automatic - CVT, Petrol


A synonym of practicality, reliability and a build quality that would never let you down, the Honda Accord has been the cornerstone of Honda’s passenger vehicle segment for many decades now. The first Accord was released in the year 1976 in the US and since then it has been the highest selling car in the mammoth US car market for multiple years. Mostly, the Honda Accord has been a name tag that can be associated with a big comfortable sedan, however, in many markets, there have been coupes, station wagons and even crossover versions of the modest Accord. Now in its ninth generation, the Honda Accord continues to be that same practical big size sedan that offers comfort and luxury along with features that you would associate with the segment and yet be frugal and extremely reliable. This same ninth-generation Accord is also the model with which the Accord nameplate made a re-entry into the Indian market after a brief hiatus. And, it brings with it, Honda’s latest in Hybrid tech. In fact, if you see the Japanese company’s history in India, the latest Honda Accord might just be the first full-on premium model that they have brought in till date. This also means that Honda is on one side eager to break the absolute dominance of the Toyota Camry Hybrid in this space while also offering a pretty logical and far more eco-friendly alternative to the German executive saloons.


Gone are those times when the Honda Accord used to play it safe in terms of exterior design. A traditionally non-offensive and understated design has transformed into a sporty, futuristic and young looking dynamic full-size sedan that doesn’t mind showing off. And it does show off its spectacular front headlights that are all LED units with the elements stacked inside glorious looking sharply creased and fairly large console. Then there are those massive 18-inch wheels that lend style, flair and a properly sporty stance to the new Honda Accord. This also makes the car look lower, wider and much sleeker than it has ever been in its history. Unarguably the best piece of design on the whole car is those sharply creased and beautifully detailed full LED headlights. The 18-inch wheels, too, are brilliant to look at. The tail end itself is bestowed with broad LED lamps but is much subtler as compared to the front. All in all the Accord Hybrid does strike as a sportier much upmarket and premium car even if compared to its German rivals.


Being an Accord, this Honda offers vast space and through comfort to its occupants. The seats at the front offer good support all around and are quite spacious as well. The massive-ness continues into the rear seats as well which are set low and offer more than enough leg, shoulder and headroom. Although being a hybrid, the Honda Accord Hybrid does lose out on a bit of boot space due to the battery and other auxiliary electric pack being placed over there.


Powered by a 2-litre i-VTEC 4-cylinder engine known for its buttery smooth drive the Honda Accord Hybrid also gets a dual electric motor set-up. Combined output comes out as more than sufficient 215bhp and 315Nm of peak torque. The system offers three different modes - EV Drive, Hybrid Drive and Engine Drive. It is super-silent in function and the acceleration is quite brisk as well. The shifting through the gears is carried out via an e-CVT unit and is most suitable for laid back comfort driving.

Pros & Cons

Honda’s reliability Effective Hybrid system Feature Rich. Offers more style than its main rival, the Toyota Camry. Packed to the brim with safety tech.

Honda Accord – Probably a bit too expensive.