Ford Endeavour!

10.91 kmpl to 12.62 kmpl
Fuel Types
2198 cc to 3198 cc
Automatic - AT


Trend 2.2 4x2 AT
2198 cc, Automatic - AT, Diesel
Titanium 3.2 4x4 AT
3198 cc, Automatic - AT, Diesel
Titanium 2.2 4x2 AT
2198 cc, Automatic - AT, Diesel


Ford is a very reputable brand that has a long range of car models that are available at different price ranges. One such model that has excited the adventurous spirit of all auto enthusiasts is the Ford Endeavour SUV. This big bodied car with several cool features is the ideal companion for you in an off road campaign. Beside amazing off-road driving capability, this muscular car is also an excellent vehicle carry a large number of people in the city.


This car is designed to project power and the design of this car allows it to show it in an excellent way. It’s huge engine hood, bulging wheel arches, a wide bumper with a thick sump plate, massive engine grill, and big size ORVMs all combined together to give it a menacing look. The big doors chrome encrusted handles and the wide stepper on the sides further accentuates its muscular profile. The back profile of the car is also interesting with well-crafted split tail lamp cluster, a big windowpane and it thick chrome slat with the name of the model Endeavour engraved across it. All these puts together give this car a fantastic road presence, which will definitely attract you.


When you enter this car, its plush interior will definitely surprise you. The designers of this car have used good quality leather and several chrome inserts to improve the upmarket look of its passenger cabin. This car can easily seat seven able-bodied adults. While the front and the middle row have good legroom, if you sit in the last row, you will have to fold your legs a bit, as the leg space is not adequate. The headroom though is perfect and the wider dimensions of this car allow enough shoulder room for all the riders. At the front, you will find a voice activated infotainment system, a superior looking dashboard and a high-end audio system.


If you are looking for a big car with fantastic off-road riding abilities, then you can buy the Ford Endeavour. This powerful car is available in two different engine variants; one of them is blessed with a 2.2 L diesel engine, while the higher trim has a more powerful 3.2 L motor. If you want to know how the engines perform on the road, then we will say that up to 100 to 110 kmph, you will not find any major differences between these two engines. However, as the speedometer needles cross 120 mark, you will find that the 3.2 L engine gives you a more powerful performance than its base end sibling does. The handling of this car is superb, and you will not feel any issues as both this car comes with a similar gear ratio.

Price and Competition

If you are looking for a mid-range SUV with cool features and good quality driving capabilities, then you should choose the Ford Endeavour. The approximate price range of this car is Rs. 26.33 lakhs to Rs. 32.81 lakhs. The main competitors of this car in the market are Toyota Fortuner, Skoda Kodiaq and Jeep Compass.