DC Avanti!

10 kmpl to 10 kmpl
Fuel Types
1998 cc to 1998 cc


1998 cc, Manual, Petrol


If you are looking for a car with a revolutionary design, great riding experience, and a powerful engine, then you can look at the DC Avanti. This is a mid-range sports car from the stable of DC. The overall design of this car gives it a jaw-dropping look. Although this company has not introduced many cars in the market, this one model of the company has created quite a buzz amongst the auto enthusiasts all over the world. Here we will like to give you our take on the beautifully crafted sports car that is a definite head turner on the road.


Like any sports car, the DC Avanti to have a low-slung look with a sloping front profile to give it an aerodynamic look (which not only helps in the speed but also helps in improving the efficiency). Its big black coloured headlamp cluster and a wide air dam help to project the image of a powerful vehicle. The sloping engine hood of this sports car is designed in such a way that it seemed to blend with the wheel arches to give this car a sleek look. The side and rear profile of this car are no less dramatic and together adds to the overall sophisticated look of this car. As a sports car, this car can be counted among the handful of cars worldwide that is recognised due to its unique and revolutionary design.


This mid-range car comes with all the bells and whistles that you will expect in a premium sports car. The bucket seats are extremely comfortable to sit and can be controlled electrically. This twin seater car is endowed with some high-end safety feature that ensures that the riders have a safe journey whenever they take this car out for a spin. Sitting inside this car feels as if you are on the controls of a plane with a host of chrome-tinted inserts, a big touch screen, and several switches that allows you to control every aspect of the functioning of this car.


To propel this smooth looking sports car, the engineers have blessed it with a 2.0 litres engine that is designed to provide as much power as possible to let this sports car attain amazing speeds. To transfer the huge power generated by the engine, the engineers have used a 6-speed gearbox. This arrangement allows this car to reach its maximum speed of 200 kmph and accelerate from 0 to 100 kmph in just six seconds. When we were testing this car, we put it through severe stress and to our amazement found that it performs marvellously all the time.

Price and Competition

This is a mid-range sports car that is available for a price tag of Rs.34.07 lakhs (approximate). If you want to check out the competitors of this car in the market, then you can look at the Audi R8. Ford Mustang and the Porsche 718.

Pros & Cons

• Powerful performer • Amazing looks • Fantastic comfort and safety features to keep the riders safe and comfortable

• Low ground clearance • Very little brand awareness about this car • After sale service of this car in smaller cities is a big issue