Audi A8 L!

7.4 kmpl to 16.77 kmpl
Fuel Types
Diesel, Petrol
2967 cc to 4134 cc
Automatic - AT


TDI Plus
2967 cc, Automatic - AT, Diesel
3993 cc, Automatic - AT, Petrol
60 TDI
4134 cc, Automatic - AT, Diesel
50 TDI
2967 cc, Automatic - AT, Diesel


It will not be wrong to say that the German Auto Makers have absolutely wowed the world with the Audi A8 L, an Uber glamorous luxury sedan that exudes dominance, comfort and reliability at its best. Launched way back in 2011 and upgraded to a whole new dimension in 2014, a newer and updated model of this spectacular saloon car is expected to hit the Indian market by mid-2019. The vehicle is rick in high-end technical inputs and also boasts a superior, more powerful and lightweight construction making it worth its 7 digit price tag. The Audi A8L is currently available in 4 versions that are the 50 TDI Diesel, 50 TDI Plus, 60 TDI Diesel and 60 TFSI Petrol.


Sleek and somewhat aerodynamic briefly sums up the applicability of the exteriors with the speed that this luxurious vehicle can pick up within seconds. If the chiselled hood and the elaborate front grilles with the Logo is not enough to sweep you off your senses, the arresting the Matrix headlights with 25 LED headlamps certainly will. As far as dimensions are concerned, the Audi A8 L boasts a length of 5265mm, breadth of 1949mm and height of 1471mm… which certainly leaves no questions about its spaciousness in terms of headspace, shoulder space and leg space. The Audi A8 L variants are currently available in a whopping 18 shade colour palate ranging mainly between blacks, blues, greys and silver to suit the tastes and preferences of buyers while maintaining sophistication from all angles.


Exquisite and strictly regal would be an understatement when it comes to expressing the interior features of the Audi A8 L. Sporting a luxurious combination of wood, leather and plastic, this super sedan allows buyers to tailor the interiors in tune with their tastes and preferences. Owners can also choose their own seat styles and go for massage chairs as well. Panoramic sunroof, surround sound system, comfort central armrest front/back and driver information system with the 7-inch colour display are some of the premium features to mention.


The engine capacity of Audi A8 L ranges from 2967cc to 4134cc and offers average mileage of 7.4kmpl to 16.77kmpl. The TDI 60 comes with 4.2ltr 379.5bhp 32V V type engine that can reach a max torque of 850Nm @ 2000 to 2750 rpm. The TFSI petrol version, on the other hand, comes with a 4.0ltr 429.12bhp 32V V type engine that can reach a max torque of 600Nm @ 1500 to 5000rpm. The versions come with a super smooth 8-speed Tiptronic gearbox with Quattro all-wheel drive that seals the luxury edge snugly.

Price and Competition

Audi A8 L ranges from 1.18 to 1.49 crores and compares with the BMW 7 Series, Mercedes Benz S Class, Jaguar XJ and Lexus LS.

Pros & Cons

Reasons to buy the Audi A8 L are innumerable, three of the main reasons being… • Top class luxury experience with new age technological inputs • Superior construction and sturdiness • Design that is meant to last

• Mileage issues (7.4Kmph being way too little as an average) • Parking issues owing to the size of the vehicle • Cost… 7 digit is not everybody’s cup of tea.