Audi A5!

13.57 kmpl to 19.2 kmpl
Fuel Types
Petrol, Diesel
1968 cc to 2995 cc
Automatic - AT


2995 cc, Automatic - AT, Petrol
1968 cc, Automatic - AT, Diesel


While Audi vehicles are made for the niche population, a further lift up in status quo can be achieved when you ride an Audi A5. Basically, you get extra for everything that makes riding an Audi vehicle a blissful experience. So, you can expect a creamy smooth driving experience, buttery smooth turns, high performing engine, firmer suspension, cosier interiors and stunning exteriors in A5. In nutshell, it is no less than a precious possession for the cosmopolitan population. Audi A5 is commercially available in only two variants presently, Sportsback and S5. Nonetheless, S5 is perhaps a bit overpriced compared to what the brand offers to the customers.


The most head-turning appeal of Audi A5 is its all throughout sporty look be it in its exteriors colours or wheel design or grilles. Thus, in order to set harmony with this sporty appeal of A5, the makers have released bright metallic exterior colours in the form of Moonlight Blue Metallic, Daytona Grey Pearl, Gotland Green Metallic, and so on.
The simple looking five spike alloy wheels of A5 have been given a sporty look by means of shiny aluminium covers. Further drama builds up when you locate the high illumination twin tail lamps and an additional splitter over the front bumper.


The spaciousness that Audi A5 has to offer in its interiors is sure to leave you spellbound. There is plenty of legroom inside the car so that long distance rides also appear pleasant to you. A further addition to the roomy interiors of A5 is the ergonomically designed seats that ensure you will enjoy the ride without worry of any aches and pains. As far as the aesthetics of the interiors of this road beast are concerned, the integration of black upholstery with silver trims is a treat to the eyes. As for the functional features of the interiors, you will get inbuilt rear parking assist with reverse camera, cruise control, great sunroof, three-zone climate control, LED-based interior illumination system. The eight airbags in the interiors take care of the divers and the passengers. But if you fascinated with the rich wooden trims typical of Audi in the interiors of A5, you will be disheartened.


Audi A5 comes with both petrol and diesel engines with respective transmissions of 2995 and 1968 cc respectively. While the diesel variant comes with 8-speed automatic 4WD / AWD gearbox, the petrol variant has 7-speed, Automatic, FWD. The petrol variant delivers the power of 349 bhp @ 5400 rpm power and the diesel variant offers 188 bhp power @ 3800 rpm power torque. However, it would have been more pleasant if Audi could have incorporated slightly faster gearbox considering the price it has set for the A5 range.

Price and Competition

Audi A5 is commercially at price tags of 60.42 lakhs and 72.35 lakhs ex-showroom for Sportsback and S5 respectively. The close competitors of Audi A5 based on functionality and driving experience are Volvo S90, BMW M2, and BMW S Series. However, A5 also has features that are well comparable with Audi A6.

Pros & Cons

• Smooth driving experience • Highly performing engine • Firm suspension

• Comparatively slower gearbox • Trims in the interiors not as per expectations • The comparatively overpriced premium version