Audi A4!

17.84 kmpl to 17.84 kmpl
Fuel Types
Petrol, Diesel
1395 cc to 1968 cc
Automatic - AT


30 TFSI Premium Plus
1395 cc, Automatic - AT, Petrol
30 TFSI Technology Pack
1395 cc, Automatic - AT, Petrol
35 TDI Premium Plus
1968 cc, Automatic - AT, Diesel
35 TDI Technology
1968 cc, Automatic - AT, Diesel


The launch of Audi A4 was associated with much hullabaloo because now the Audi lovers were supposed to get another premium sedan from the brand with state of the art iterations. Moreover, with this new A4, you will be greeted with some contemporary updates on the traditional features of the earlier sibling. This conglomerated aesthetics is predominant in every part of this Audi monster, be it the exteriors or the interiors.


Dynamic aesthetics, highly rigid body mechanism, bigger dimension and alluring exterior colours are some of the preliminary features that will hit your attention when you take the very first look at Audi A4. However, if you are thinking that the bigger size of A4 will give you a world of an inconvenience then this road monster will give you greatest of surprise in the form that it is facelifted A4 is lighter than its previous sibling sharply by 95 kilos. Nevertheless, if you compare the bulk weight of the petrol and diesel models of the new A4 then the 190 kilos heavier diesel version might make you disappointed. The chiselled torso of this facelifted A4 comes with features that are examples of clear integration of traditional and modern design. Thus, the sharp headlamps, massive black coloured grille at the front and pointy tail lamps fitted in a sharp chase juxtapose the way too simple design quotient of the five arm alloy wheels. You might not be out and out happy with the driving experience of A4 when you compare it with its competitors, especially the Cadillac ATS and the BMW 3 Series.


The first thing that grabs attention as you open the doors of A4 to get inside is the simple yet classy dashboard design. The slim air vents that run them across the entire length of the dashboard is a distinctive feature that is exclusive to this A4. While the toggle buttons of the ac and yacht style gear impart cosmopolitan look to the interiors, the two wooden trims at the dashboard capture the traditional essence. Now coming to the seating arrangement, the contour, cushion quality and support that the front seat provides simply add to the pleasure of the driver. On the other hand, the rear seats are equally comfortable, comfy cushions and backrest. But you will not be happy with the legroom provided considering it is supposed to be a family car. Nevertheless, the greatest drawback of A4 is that the base model cannot be equipped with a manual transmission.


A4 comes in both petrol and diesel variants with 1.4 L, 4 cylinders and 2-litre engine 4 cylinder engines with a displacement of 1969cc and 1395 cc respectively. With 54-litre full tank capacity and automatic transmission, the glamorous monster gives average mileage of 17 to 18 kilometres per litre. While the petrol versions of A4 give the power of 147.51bhp @ 5000-6000rpm torque, its diesel twin gives 187.74bhp power @ 3800-4200rpm torque.

Price and Competition

The makers have kept the ex-showroom price of the base version if A4, namely 30 TFSI Premium Plus at Rs. 41.46 lakhs. However, you will get the premium variant of this species, which is 35 TDI Technology, at a slightly extra ex-showroom price of 46.94 lakhs. As far as it looks, functions, driving experience and pricing are concerned, Audi A4 is compared with Cadillac ATS, BMW 3 Series, Mercedes Benz C Class, Audi A3, Audi A6, Jaguar XE, and BMW S Series GT.

Pros & Cons

• Lighter weight in comparison to the bigger size • State of the art external aesthetics • Latest yacht style gear mechanism

• The not very satisfying driving experience • Not sufficient legroom for a family car • Does not have manual transmission yet