Audi A3!

19.2 kmpl to 20.37 kmpl
Fuel Types
Petrol, Diesel
1395 cc to 1968 cc
Automatic - AT, Automatic - AMT


35 TFSI Premium Plus
1395 cc, Automatic - AT, Petrol
35 TDI Technology
1968 cc, Automatic - AT, Diesel
35 TFSI Technology
1395 cc, Automatic - AMT, Petrol
35 TDI Premium Plus
1968 cc, Automatic - AMT, Diesel


Audi A3, this most wanted high-end premium sedan got a facelift back in mid 2014s. Nevertheless, nothing much has been changed in this road beast except for slight tweaking in its grille design, the structure of the headlamps, tail lamp features and functionalities, and the all-new turn indicator. It will be more apt to say that the makeover version of Audi A3 now matches with its elder sibling A4 to a larger extent. In nutshell, it is best to indicate Audi A3 as a premium car that boasts of its modest features and fixtures and justifies its premium price through its outstanding on-road performance and functionalities.


The revamped A3 features single frame black grille with the shiny silver logo at the centre. While the headlamps in this facelifted version are brighter and bigger, the sharp and detailed design of the tail lamps adds further to increased illumination offered by A3. The shiny exterior colour had always been the predominating eye-catching feature of this high-end sedan. Thus, with mesmerizing colour options in the form of Glacier While Metallic, Cosmos Blue, Tango Red, Brilliant Black and Florett Silver Metallic, the new Audi A3 still rocks the show. The most noteworthy aspect of this premium road companion is that the exteriors of Audi A3 show sharp resemblance with that of its elder sibling A4 in many respects.


Audi A3 boasts of its comfortable interiors. The luxuriousness of the interiors of this premium car is accentuated by its all leather black upholstery and streamlined features of its simple looking dashboard. Above average space inside the sedan make it a perfect family car. Speaking of the only downside in the interiors, the rear windows are quite smaller and might be an obstruction on ample airiness inside. Moreover, although it is supposed to accommodate five adults comfortably, you might find the discrepancy between the theoretical and the practical situation! Issues are also there among the users regarding the cargo capacity owing of its applicability as the family car and overall dimension.


The key feature of Audi A3 is its powerful engine. Owing to its premium status quo, the car comes in both petrol and diesel variant with a 1.4-liter four-cylinder and a 2-liter four-cylinder engine across its variants. The full tank capacity of this vehicle is massive 50 liters. Once the fuel tank is filled, you can expect an average mileage of 19 to 20 kilometres/liter. The petrol-powered Audi A3 offers displacement of 1395 CC that generates power of 148 bhp@5000-6000 rpm at 250 Nm@1500-3500 rpm torque in the automatic transmission. On the other hand, its diesel species has 1968 cc displacement with automatic transmission and offers the power of 141 bhp@3500-4000 rpm at 320 Nm@1750-3000 rpm.

Price and Competition

This premium sedan from Audi comes at a base price of 33.1 lakhs ex-showroom for its basic model Audi TFSI Premium Plus. The high-end version, namely 35 TDI Technology, is available at 36.69 lakhs ex-showroom. A3 gives a tough fight to its road contenders like the premium Mercedes Benz CLA, BMW 3 Series, BMW X1 and Mercedes Benz C Class. A3 also competes with its same brand sibling Audi A4 and Audi Q3 as far as features and functionality are concerned.

Pros & Cons

• Amazing external aesthetics • Burly built • Plush interiors with amazing quality upholstery

• Passenger door lacks the aesthetics it should have • Limited cargo volume owing of its applicability as a family car • Too petite rear windows