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Acko Drive your one-stop solution for the ultimate car ownership experience.

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Acko Drive

Acko Drive your one-stop solution for the ultimate car ownership experience, right from car discovery to delivery – where we keep only the best prices (and your best interests) in mind.

At Acko Drive, we aim to make the entire process of buying a car smarter, transparent and hassle-free – so sit back and relax and enjoy the ride, while we take over as the driving force in getting you your brand-new car!

Great Cars at Great Prices

Ever wondered whether the price you see on your car is the best one? With Acko Drive, we put a brake on all your doubts. Since our prices are pre-negotiated with authorized dealers in your local area, they will always be at their accelerated best!

Human assistance to find the perfect car

Find that perfect car for you and your family with a relationship manager whose only job is to help you discover the best possible prices for your car! Get complete help with research, but retain complete control over all the decision-making – so you get to decide the car you buy, but we make sure that we nudge you in the right direction!

Backed with trust, buy with confidence!

Apprehensive about buying a car online? What if it doesn’t feel right? It’s time to throw those problems off the dashboard. Since we only work with authorized new car dealers, you get a test drive and the works (warranty and paperwork et al) with only the best car dealerships.

Drive away with the best deals on a new car.